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Children's Day FAQs

When is Children’s Day Day 2024?
This year’s event takes place on Sunday, May 5th.
The event runs from noon – 4pm.
Work on Children’s Day typically begins in February.

How can I apply for a Booth Space?
Children’s Day is not a booth/vendor driven event – that’s Market Square Day.
Pro Portsmouth invites Downtown businesses, non-profit colleagues and sponsors to be a part of the Children’s Day Event Map. If you are a Downtown Business or local non-profit, please contact us.

With only a few exceptions, Children’s Day activities are free; we require no entry fees.

How can I become a sponsor for Children’s Day?
Please contact Barbara Massar at (603) 433-4398 Ext. 3 or [email protected]

Are vehicles or trailers allowed in the event footprint?
Participants at this event typically set up tents and tables. From time to time, the event organizer may make an exception for a program partner or sponsor, but as a rule, vehicles and trailers are not a part of Children’s Day.

When do we set up our activity space?
We close off Pleasant Street (Block Party) for the event at 11am; all activity areas should be set up and ready for the event by noon. All vehicles must be removed from the ‘event footprint’ by 11:45am.

What’s the rain date?
Typically, due to the scope of our events, we cannot designate rain dates. We go rain or shine unless a storm of unusual magnitude is forecast.

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