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Children’s Day

2024 Children’s Day Sponsors!


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IMPORTANT: Children’s Day is not a vendor driven event; please refer to Market Square Day.

What is Children's Day?

Who says children aren’t in charge? Each year on the first Sunday of May, Downtown Portsmouth becomes headquarters for children of all ages with the celebration of Children’s Day. An estimated 5,000+ “children” visit Portsmouth to take part in an afternoon of fun on the Seacoast.

This Festival combines family-friendly activities, entertainment and usually, an ice cream sundae – all sponsored, hosted and supported by the Downtown Merchants, area companies, civic organizations and volunteers of the Seacoast. The day is filled with something for everyone.

How does it work? Pro Portsmouth creates a map and kids of all ages follow the alphabet ’round town. From A to Z, they can visit shops and restaurants, head to the Block Party on Pleasant and enjoy all sorts of fun activities and entertainment.
(NOTE: Children’s Day is not a vendor/Booth-driven event – that would be Market Square Day.)

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