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MSD Entertainment & Activities

On the Pleasant Street Stage…
Hosted By WSCA Portsmouth Community Radio

RMS5 (Rock My Soul 5)
11:30am – 12:15pm
Five of the driving forces behind New England’s highly acclaimed Rock My Soul Gospel Choir branch off to form a roots-based sound of rich vocal blends and soul-stirring harmonies, with a repertoire that explores American music from the Delta blues of greats such as Blind Willie Johnson, to the folk gospel of Washington Phillips, to the more contemporary Americana music of Buddy Miller and the Band’s Levon Helm. Along the way, listeners are treated to traditional arrangements of slave spirituals, hymns, and songs from the “golden age of gospel.”

River Sister
12:45 – 1:30
Vocalists Stefanie Guzikowski and Elissa Margolin deliver a sultry, silky blend alongside the addictive grooves of bassist Nate Therrien and drummer PJ Donahue. Indeed, the regional press notes, “the combination of these pieces makes for a fresh, cathartic addition to the indie-folk cannon.”

Ambulate As Tolerated
2:00 – 2:45
The Ambulate as Tolerated project began in 2014 in South Berwick, Maine. The band consists of rhythm guitar master Ted Smith, soulful singer-songwriter Ryan Feeley, dynamic vocalist Julie Alexander, bluesy harp wizard Pete Lassey, and talented percussionist Sam Harding

The Rockingham Groove
3:15 – 4:00
An eclectic group of musicians from around New Hampshire and southern Maine. The group came together to have fun, entertain our audiences, and to play some of the best mix of R&B tunes from the past five decades. This is their first Market Square Day performance.


All MSD performances (music, dance, etc.) are scheduled on the Pleasant Street Stage – please respect our plan and refrain from setting up in other areas within the event footprint (refer to Event Map). Only contracted artists and those with Booth Spaces can perform during MSD.

Another Reminder: All Sidewalks in the Festival footprint must remain open/clear for pedestrian access. This relates to all MSD Vendors and Downtown Businesses – racks, tents, tables, power cords, supplies cannot be on the sidewalk.

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