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Seacoast Series - Race Contacts

Why a Series?
Seven different races have joined forces to promote running for sport, fun and fitness, and the beauty of running on the Seacoast.

Who’s who?
Race Directors’ contact information is noted below:

Race Contacts


Market Square Day 10K
Race Director: Barbara Massar


Four on the 4th
Race Director: Nick Darby

York Days 5K
Race Director: Nick Darby



Great Island 5K
Race Director: Guy Stearns

Great Bay 5K
Race Director: Bob Kennedy

What are the benefits of signing up for the Series?
Runners who sign up for the Series will be eligible for individual Race awards, as well as awards for the Seacoast Series. (Plus, enjoying great events with terrific people!)

There is no cost (beyond regular race entry fees) to enter the Seacoast Road Race Series.

If you have a post-race question (for a specific race) please contact that race director.
Contact information is noted above.

Questions or Concerns?

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